The Simply Desumere - Black Bear Road

Well needed break

Maximus seems to have done this before. Suddenly, he is craving a cigarette and suggests a break. Uno tries to keep a straight face and says that it's okay. In fact he is relieved. He is offered a glass of cold water, which turns out to be just what he needs now. Maximus is out smoking for a good while and Uno has time to recover some. Now it's time again, Maximus says that it's only a little shading now before they are ready for today. Uno realizes he will have to suffer through this one more time, at least. ...

Tough job to be done

To be a plumber in Randburg is not always the most easy thing to do, no, this has sometimes to do with hard and tough jobs. But if we don't speak about it none would like to do this for a good reason and cause and I do believe that this is something extraordinary and something that has to be done is to get some money and also be heading back to the ones that really loves you and want your best for you. Yes, this is not just a joke or something being mashed up, no this is a ...

Vacation with my wife

I just went on a holiday in Brittany with my wife. It was great! When we go on vacation we like to see things and tale a walk in the city and stuff like that, so we don't prefer to go to tropical places with beaches and stuff like that. We want to see things. And this is a great place for just that! The nature here is amazing and there is a lot of fun things you can do and see. So I can warmly recommend this place!

Vänskapen är inte densamma längre

Jag riktigt saknar att prata med en av mina bästa killkompisar. Men saker och ting har blivit lite tokigt på sista tiden på grund av mig och mina dumma känslor. Jag har i under ett års tid försökt och kväva mina känslor för honom, men de har bara blivit starkare och starkare och det har varit riktigt jobbigt. Och i somras så tog jag mod till mig och berättade för honom att jag hade känslor för honom och att jag har inte vågat säga någonting förens nu på grund av att jag inte vill förstöra vår vänskap.